Ana’s Story

My name is Ana, I was born in Brazil and just turned 35. I never thought I would be asked to write my story, but here I am, honored with such an opportunity. I’m living an important transition in my life. Pacha Mama is calling me. For the first time, I am responding as a woman with power, freedom and love for myself and for the life I am living. For the first time, I am in coordination with all parts of myself and am developing my life in order to live according to my affinity. The time has come to build my home and dig my roots deep.

The Real Change

As a blessing from the gods we met the three people that would wisely guide me out of that turmoil and help me to find the way to my self-development journey.

Andrew and Kate from Exile taught me how to literally “stand” on my own feet. The ancient neurophysiologic practice they teach led me to a powerful awakening process. It is like a second learning to walk. Through this practice, I built physical and emotional integrity and mental clarity that I had never experienced before. Vanda, my life coach, helped me to free the family patterns that were holding me back. Thus began the process of relaxing and becoming into myself. These graceful souls helped heal me. They held my hand while I was digging into the darkest parts of myself; into the most painful things I needed to face in order to break free. They enlightened me to the path of discovery of my true affinity and to developing the courage to build a new life to live according to it. They taught me about the abundance and creativity of the female energy, how powerful women are, how powerful I am. I had to persist in opening the space and sticking to the process, the rest was like magic, it simply emerged. I’m grateful and honored to have met these amazing people. My dear friends, my soul mates.



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In my early age, I started to feel the need to do something meaningful in my life, that it was too precious to be wasted living a regular life. I never really felt I fit in, all given structures around me never welcomed me. To illustrate, since I was the tallest baby born in my home city, at school not even the class tables had enough space for my legs! rsrsrsrsr So I knew I would have to build my own container in the world in order to be happy. But I never knew where to start!

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