How will we usher in the next generation of women? By telling them how to cope better? Insisting that they mine better? By giving them no option other than to continue the impossible task of extracting from themselves, others and the planet through their work?

Or by creating a world that is worth living into? Not some fuzzy, higher consciousness, heart-filled, share all your feelings be mindful yoga superwoman world. Not a safe world. Not a “breathe… relax…” world.

Instead, we stand for a world that refuses to relinquish its wildness, its danger and its power under any terms or circumstances. We stand for a world that we take hold of and change- one in which we are proud and can thrive. We stand for bringing women’s voices out of the borderlands and into the center of the conversation in order to change the very structures and attitudes that are creating mayhem today. We create the people and we create the future.

We reject slogans like “work/life balance,” “lean in,” and “just do it.” We ask ourselves, What exactly is the plantation giving me? What is the purpose of all of this running and organizing and getting shit done? What am I in service to?