I had a dream the other night. I was cresting a bluff, hiking with another person. I found myself staring down at a beautiful chute. The grass was emerald green and there was an energy to the spot that was magnificent, ancient and potent. We began the descent, enjoying our walk and the feel of the place.

I am told this place is sacred because of its special mineral content. The place holds power. I can feel it. It drums through my body as I walk and breathe. I feel good. I feel thankful and blessed.

The dream shifts scenes and I am in the same spot, mining with a group of other people. We are dirty, tired, hungry and enslaved. We are mining for the mineral buried deep in the ground. I am down on my knees, digging and miserable. There is an overseer who is walking around, making sure we are all working hard enough.

A hand reaches down to me and says, “Come, the longer you stay here the weaker you become. Walk with me”

He shows me the food I would be eating and the conditions that would be my future. He shows me that my mind would become weaker and weaker and that my body would decay.

We walk together out of the mine. Just outside, the grass is green and the forest reaches near. The food is wild and vibrant and the air is clean. There is water and space. I am free.

My choice in the dream was to stand up and walk away.

I did this because I had the support to do so.

The longer one stays in captivity, the weaker one becomes, fed by conditions human beings need not live in.

I had another story.