Our language is a language of insurgency and insubordination.

For these women, the telling of their stories embodies both an indictment and a prayer. They represent the oldest of quests – the quest for power and healing.

The great Pawnee, native inhabitants of the central plains of the United States, had many power songs. This one is medicine for the woman of today trying to find her way.

Let us see, is this real,
Let us see, is this real,
Let us see, is this real,
This life I am living?
Ye gods, who dwell everywhere,
Let us see, is this real,
This life I am living.

This site and these stories are here to give a voice to the women of our times that are isolated and unheard. We believe that their language is necessary for us all to navigate and create the world we all choose to live in.

We need to let these stories transport us into exile and into the unknown. To that place where there are no answers and there is nobody coming to save us.

We are interested in maps. In discovering, through the winding road of the unknown, how others have found their way.

The instruction is for these women writers to resist the urge to find the Disney ending. To instead seek to find what they are looking for and spare us all the fear or relief of a kiss from a prince.

Such stories of rescue and premature redemption are carved into the very bones of our generation. They are destructive and serve to undermine the very real investigation that our bodies, minds and this time in history demand.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for these women. They are in search of power in unique ways. I have found myself in tears and of course, at times, I want to reach through the page to help them.

I encourage you to find your way through these stories too. I encourage you to be touched and to be changed.

May these stories cast out the deception of “try harder, do better, it is never enough, you are never enough” and instead help you find a voice more real, more cunning and kind. Willing to hold onto that part of you that has been exiled.

The best stories are a blade. They cut across the forehead and they draw blood. They will open your eyes. Every once in a rare while, they may set you free.