I have been through an albatross of sickness and debility that has challenged and formed me. I have been gifted and blessed to be able to look women in the eyes, hold them, comfort them and see them through the most powerful moments of despair and joy. I have helped women, whom I loved deeply, die. The power that I have seen is matched only by the experience I have had in facing my own death.

Power is not an external thing, but it is not wholly internal either. Power is about what comes through you, what leaves you and who you are once that threshold is traversed. It is wild and demanding. It is not safe.

For some of us to get to power, we find our way through tremendous hardship: grief, debility, dire illness, death. For others, we get to power through birthing our babies and raising them while navigating the absolutely relentless world refusing to pause for us.

We are, all of us, creators. We have the ability to create the world that we want our children and grandchildren to thrive in.